iPassPro WP8.1

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iPassPro is a richly featured Anatomy & Physiology practice test, designed to match the Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology exam for any student of complimentary therapies. A full content management system built to the principles of practice test assessment methodologies was also built, using Microsoft Lightswitch. The app features:

  • Quality content written by subject matter experts designed to meet the level and style of the questions in the final exam.
  • Randomised questions – the exam contains 50 questions, but iPassPro features over 165 items, so no two tests are the same.
  • Detailed feedback – see feedback during the test and review feedback after getting the result.
  • Custom exams – test knowledge only on certain subject areas and choose whether the test is timed or not.
  • During tests, users can flag questions, review progress, see time remaining, choose to reveal the answer of difficult questions and see detailed feedback.
  • Score reports feature graphical breakdown of performance by subject area.
  • Score reports from each exam are saved, so users can review and see their progress as the exam approaches.
  • Email score reports to self, friends and tutor.
  • Works completely offline – no need for an internet connection, except to email score reports.